Banning High School - Bronco Spotlight

Bronco Spotlight

Graduation Information - All Seniors Please Read  |  Banning High School Receives Continued Full WASC Accreditation  |  Speak Out

Graduation Information - All Seniors Please ReadGo To Top of Page

You're almost there! Please make sure you read and understand the attached documents.Your participation in the graduation ceremony will be enhanced.

Banning High School Receives Continued Full WASC AccreditationGo To Top of Page

Time to Celebrate!
Banning High School, the Home of the Broncos, has received its continued full accreditation via the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) through the conclusion of the current 6 year program cycle in 2020. 
Thank you's to all who participated with a special acknowledgement to Dr. O'Neil...You are the Force!