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Congratulations Julian Hernandez, Alumni of Banning High School  |  Congratulations to our 2018 Junior Honor Escorts  |  Congratulations Kevin Moua

Congratulations Julian Hernandez, Alumni of Banning High SchoolGo To Top of Page

Congratulations to Julian Hernandez, 2013 alumni of Banning High School. He is graduated from Marine Boot Camp last Friday, March 9th. Congratulations to him on this amazing achievement!

Congratulations to our 2018 Junior Honor EscortsGo To Top of Page

Congratulations to the top 20 students in the Class of 2019! These students will serve as Junior Honor Escorts in the Class of 2018's Commencement Exercises on Thursday, May 31st, 2018 at 6pm. For this distinguished group earning the distinction of Honor Escort is another major step in their journey of success. These students demonstrate outstanding citizenship, service to Banning High School, scholastic achievement, and/or scholarship. Honor escorts are a group that has the privilege of escorting the graduating seniors, metaphorically, to their futures. The twenty juniors shall be dressed in golden gowns and shall lead the graduation ceremony processional linked by the traditional daisy chain which signifies the carrying out the duties and responsibilities they are given.
The Top 20 Juniors are listed below in alphabetical order: 
Karina Acevedo
 Krystal Flynn  
 Lauryn Garewal  
 Giaa Hall  
 Gisela Lopez  
 Maria Lopez  
 Jesus Magana Ramirez  
 Nathalie Mercado  
 Natasha Orellana  
 Dean Allan Osilla  
 Leslie Perdomo  
 Cyndi Phavong  
 Andrea Phomthisene  
 Alyssa Phomthisene  
 Jesus Rangel  
 Saudya Reagor  
 Jessica Renteria Arias  
 Samantha Rocha  
 Niko Vanden Heuvel  
 Breanna Ysiano  

Congratulations Kevin MouaGo To Top of Page

Congratulations to Kevin Moua who applied and was selected to represent Banning High School at the Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project this year. He applied on his own and was award a scholarship to attend the conference from March 22 to March 24th in Sacramento, California. All expenses are being paid by the organization in our state's capital.
If you see him, congratulate him!