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Attendance Requirement

Students are required to attend the learning center for their daily appointment (2.5 hours) and log into their online curriculum for a minimum of 2 hours per school day. Although this meets minimum attendance requirements, students may need to spend more time in order to complete their courses.
Attendance is monitored by the teacher through session logs. Students not meeting the attendance requirements are subject to the district SART and SARB process and students can be struck out of the program and placed in a traditional program and incomplete work becomes an independent studies contract violation.
All state testing and district benchmarks are done on campus and students are required to attend on scheduled dates.

Additional Parent/Student Supports: In addition to the online learning, teachers provide parent instructional workshops utilizing AVID strategies, blended learning opportunities, tutorials, and FAFSA application days. These experiences allow students to engage directly with teachers and other students keeping the connection between school and home.