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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses A-G and NCAA approved?
Students have a range of options which include A-G and NCAA approved courses.
How many courses do Learn for Tomorrow students take?
Typically Learn for Tomorrow students will take one online course at a time. They should complete a course in approximately 3 weeks (6 courses per semester). Over the course of a semester, this is equivalent to the course work completed by a student with a traditional schedule.
What if my student finishes a course early?
That student would begin their next course. Students who are able to routinely finish courses early will be able to take additional courses during a semester. If needed those additional courses can be used for credit recovery. 
What electives are available?
There are a number of electives available as online courses. These include business courses, academic electives, art and music appreciation, etc
Can my student take the AP or elective courses offered as part of BHS's traditional program.
Yes, Learn for Tomorrow students can take 1 traditional course per semester. However, course availability and scheduling considerations may apply. Such requests will be handled on a case by case basis. 
Can my student take AP courses online?
Yes, they are available online.
Can Learn for Tomorrow students participate in sports?
Yes, if they meet the academic eligibility standards set out in the BHS Parent Student Handbook.
What if my student doesn't finish a course during a semester?
Students would be issued partial credits and would be able to finish the course in the following semester.