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Summer School 2019

Due to construction at BHS, summer school will be held at Nicolet Middle School

Dates: June 11-July 10
Session 1: 7:30-9:30
Lunch: 9:30-10:00
Session 2: 10:00-12:00


Many summer school courses are now full. We will continue to accept applications, however. While we will try to accommodate any student who turns in an application, we can no longer guarantee acceptance to the program.
Any applications should be turned in to Gloria at Nicolet MS.

Drop Policy:

Summer school operates on a three infraction policy. On the commission of a third strike, there will be a mandatory parent conference scheduled with the summer school principal. At that conference, the summer school principal will determine if it is appropriate for the student to continue in summer school. Failure to attend the conference will result in an automatic drop from summer school.
The following behaviors will count towards the three infractions:
  • Arriving late to class
  • Not attending class
  • Not remaining and attending for the full class time
  • Assignments  (including homework)not completed
  • Not completing assigned work with a passing grade (70%)
  • Behavioral issues such as classroom disruption, foul language, etc.
In addition, any major behavioral issue (e.g. fights, drugs, etc) will result in an immediate drop from summer school.
Note: all students who do not attend the first day of summer school will be automatically dropped in order to make space for wait-listed students.

Partial Credit Policy:

During summer school, students will receive credit for any work which is successfully completed. In some cases this may result in an award of partial credits. When partial credits are awarded, both the grade and the number of credits will be determined based on the value of assignments completed. Not all assignments are of equal value.

Homework Policy:

During summer school students are expected to work at home each night. Parents should expect that each course will take 80-90 hours to complete. Therefore an average student should be doing a total 8-9 hours of work each day (2 - 4 hours at school and the rest at home).