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Dear 9th Grade BARR Students,


All students at Banning High School are part of the BARR Program:  Building Assets, Reducing Risks. Being part of the BARR Program is being part of a team of teachers, counselors, a program coordinator, and administration who all work together to help every—single—student.  Your Math, English, and Biology teachers work in teams, where they meet twice a week to discuss needs and successes of shared students.  If student issues are something that needs to be handled beyond the classroom, names of students go to a Risk Review Team, where counselors, therapists, and administration discuss other possible interventions.  You are important, and BHS want to support your needs and celebrate your successes. 


This page is a place to receive information about 9th grade BARR and other programs related to 9th graders.  Come back often because information is often added or updated.  Let’s make this a great year as we move forward BRONCO STRONG!

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