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Dual Enrollment Program

Partnership with Mt. San Jacinto Junior College
The purpose of the MSJC-Banning Unified School District Dual Enrollment Partnership is to afford current high school students the opportunity to enroll in dual-credit courses to expand student access to affordable higher education, providing challenging academic and occupational experiences to qualified high school students during their junior and senior years, and reduce the costs of a college education for students and their families. Successful completion of transfer courses will enable students to simultaneously earn college credit transferable to two and four year colleges and universities and satisfy high school graduation requirements. Successful completion of occupational courses will allow students to simultaneously earn college credits, to satisfy high school graduation requirements, and to assist in the transition to the community college or job opportunities or careers. Program Guidelines
  • Dual enrollment courses are governed by the policies and regulations of Mt. San Jacinto College
    District and the Banning Unified School District. These policies, regulations and standards apply
    to students, faculty, staff, instructional procedures, academic standards and course offerings,
    whether courses are offered at the college campus, at off-campus sites, including distance
    learning and internet, or at secondary schools.
  • All high school students who enroll in dual-credit courses taught at the high school level must be
    fully matriculated to the college prior to taking MSJC courses: application, assessment, and
  • High school students who enroll in dual-credit courses taught at the high school will not be
    charged tuition
  • Parent/School Agreement Contracts will be collected from each high school student participating
    in the dual-credit program.
  • Students taking academic transferable courses as defined by MSJC must have a minimum G.P.A
    of 3.0 or higher.
  • Enrollment in the dual-credit courses will be open to the public.
  • Academic advising will be the joint responsibility of MSJC and BHS.
  • Matters of discipline will be handled cooperatively between MSJC and BHS.
  • MSJC and BUSD will jointly select dual-credit courses in transfer and/or occupational areas.
  • A dual-credit course will be identified on both the college and high school transcript in the
    standard format and will not be identified as dual-credit.
  • Dual enrolled students will have access to MSJC services, i.e. library, tutoring, student I.D. cards,