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Attendance Matters

At Banning High School student attendance will improve as our school community continues to offer a warm and welcoming environment that emphasizes building relationships with families and stresses the importance of going to class every day and on time (no tardiness). The key is continuing to develop a school-wide school culture that promotes a sense of safety, respect and personal responsibility, where students feel connected and know that someone notices, in a caring manner, when they miss school. A key component of the engagement is helping families understand what their children are learning when they are are in school and the negative effects of chronic absenteeism on realizing their hopes and dreams for their children. Too many parents and students do not realize that just missing two days each month is a problem, and often leads to falling behind in the classroom. Even fewer families realize that absenteeism is a problem as early as kindergarten and preschool and building the habit of attendance in the early grades can influence their children's chances of graduating from high school.